The Council is the primary ecumenical expression in Kerala, which embraces, promotes and co-ordinates various forms of the church’s ministry to the society.


KCC Member Churches

  • Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
  • Jacobite Syrian Christian Church
  • Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church
  • Malankara SyrainKnanaya Arch Diocese
  • The Salvation Army
  • Chaldean Syrian Church
  • CSI East Kerala Diocese
  • CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese
  • CSI Cochin Diocese
  • CSI South Kerala Diocese
  • CSI Malabar Diocese
  • CSI Kollam - Kottarakara Diocese
  • Malabar Independent Syrian Church
  • The Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • St.Thomas Evangelical Church of India Fellowship
  • Belivers Eastern Church
  • Evangelical Church of India
  • Bible Faith Mission

KCC Member Organizations

  • Backward People’s Developments Corporations
  • Bible Society of India, Kerala
  • ChristavaSahithyaSamithy
  • Socio - Economic Development Society
  • Theological Literature Council
  • Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society
  • Development Training Programme
  • Kerala United Theological Seminary
  • Scripture Union & Children’s Special Service Mission
  • Student Christian Movement of India, Kerala
  • Union Christian College, Aluva
  • Young Men’s Christian Association, South West India Region
  • Young Women’s Christian Association, South West India Region
  • Agency of Spiritual and Social Uplift, Renewal and Empowerment
  • Sister Hatune Foundation
  • ChristavaMahilalayam
  • MundakapadomMandirams
  • The Alwaye Fellowship House
  • Bethel Ashram
  • The Kerala Blind School Society
  • Christavashramam